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Informant: Green Nuclear Plasma Batteries Suppressed By DoE

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PostPosted: Sun May 20, 2012 6:51 am    Post subject: Informant: Green Nuclear Plasma Batteries Suppressed By DoE Reply with quote

This link just landed in my mailbox and it is shocking to say the least.


Long story short - a former U.S. Department of Energy employee tells how he and co-workers were instructed to cover up any new energy device that did not require the use of petro, and to make sure the inventors did not get funding. I cut and pasted it below

"After getting my posts at various blogs deleted or hacked and being ridiculed or smeared or called called a "nut" or "disgruntled former employee" by others, I come here to let intelligent people decide for yourself if I am either or both. I have no other way to get my story out to you - the millions of victims. Without this information you might never even know that you are a victim of technology suppression. Every time you pump gas into your car your are being scammed by the government who uses the Department of Energy and U.S. patent Office to do its dirty work. If either agency publicly denies what I say is true, I will publish the names of three other colleagues who were present at the very same meeting I describe below. I have been trying to do things anonymously but the system is set up to track down and persecute whistle-blowers. Because I have seen what has happened to others, I will use this route to share this with you...

I have come here for just one visit and just one purpose. To tell my story and share it with the world... What the people say about energy technology suppression at this link is true http://open.salon.com/blog/green_energy_reports/2012/04/15/censorship_-_the_only_reason_we_are_still_addicted_to_oil

A former colleague at the DoE sent me this link a few months ago http://peakoil.com/alternative-energy/plasma-battery-inventors-disappearing-regularly/ and then this one yesterday http://www.greenoptions.com/t/4205/should-technology-suppression-be-a-felony-crime-requiring-a-mandatory-5-year-prison-sentence#post_17430 This motivated me to write the following about something that I experienced in 2010. I chose this way of disclosure because I think it is the safest for my family and I. Like Tom Valone, the whistle blower from the U.S. Patent Office, I also worked for the federal government for over 42 months before I resigned (I found a better paying job with a private consulting firm). I worked for the Department of Energy at OSTI. If you don't know about OSTI visit http://www.osti.gov/. I was one of seven GS-5 and GS-7s that gathered, categorized, edited and posted program data and energy R&D, in the public database.

To be brief, in early September of 2010 our group manager called an unscheduled meeting of all the "newbies" (anyone with 2 years or less with DoE) including myself, and we were introduced to a guy in his late 40s who was supposedly "a special US Patent Office liaison". I regret that I cannot recall his name now, but he was 20 pounds overweight with glasses and bald spot. After introducing himself, he handed our team leader a big stack of patent application copies and then remained quiet for the rest of the 30 minute meeting. Our group manager told us that due to "ITAR reclassification policies" we had a priority assignment to search our OSTI database and "tag and refer" any and all topics that contained 5 of any key words or phrases we were given on a sheet of paper. In all there may have been about 80 words/phrases. I can remember some like "free energy", "cold fusion", "plasma energy", "atomic battery", "nuclear battery", "hydroxy", "Hydrogen on demand", etc.

My group leader then instructed our team leader to distribute the stack of patent applications, maybe about 1200 in all to each of us. My share was about 185 or so. We were then told that we would also search our OSTI database for any technologies related or linked to these patents and again "tag and refer" them to an email which I think was strt@osti.gov. I am 90% certain this was the email address. This was the first time that I was ever asked to do such a search of our database, but one of the veteran GS-9s told me that she had done two similar searches in the last ten years. At the time, none of this was a big deal to me just more work to do. It took me almost two full weeks to complete my task. But looking back, this was the only group assignment we ever got without a written memo from either a deputy secretary, deputy director, or group manager. Now after knowing what I do now, I suppose they did not want any written evidence of what they decided to do detour energy technology progress.

But about two weeks before I resigned, I went to happy hour at Fridays with my Group Manager to tell her I would be leaving OSTI and DoE. After a few drinks we started talking about why America was not driving electric cars by the millions. Matter of factly she replied "Because the oil companies and their Washington puppets don't want us to". When I laughed, she said she was serious and referred back the to the OSTI database search we did two months before and told me that was part of a "technology deferment program" which I discovered an hour later really meant "technology suppression." She said the fat guy from the USPTO used to work for Exxon and all he does in monitor technology developments and searches out and then tries to sabotage any new technology that does not require fossil fuels. She said she questioned the Deputy Secretary about this one time at an agency awards banquet, but was told her job was to "follow and enforce DoE policies, and not to question them". She really was fed up with the status quo, but as a single mom with kids she could not afford to lose her GS-12 salary. She even told me that one Group Manager named Mark Martin once mentioned the technology suppression at a staff meeting and just his one comment postponed his promotion for two years. I heard he is now a GS-15. She went so far as to say our STIP program was a fraud and only set up to identify new technologies that threatened the oil industry and it was Exxon that "suggested" the program as well as this DoE directive put out way back in 2001 http://www.osti.gov/bridge/purl.cover.jsp?purl=/15007596-WskSfa/native/

She even told me about a specific company called "Earthguard" that she said was located in Texas in the early1990s that developed the world's best bio-fuel that cost less than 10 cents a gallon to make. She said "the oil consultants" went nuts trying to shut them down and eventually "got some Saudis to buy-off the inventor." She said Earthguard qualified for some DoE funding assistance but that the DoE top managers concocted one excuse after another to make sure the poor bastard didn't get a dime.

The next morning, I was curious about all she told me, and checked to see what happened to the 20 or so patent applications I had tagged and referred. All but seven of the related postings on the public database were deleted including one related to generating HF, VHF, and EHF radio frequencies faster and cheaper than the HAARP project, about three projects related to plasma energy and plasma battery projects, and news about a working prototype of a engine powered by "hydroxy on demand". Needless to say, I felt sick to be part of this fraud and I was glad the day I left. Now when I see energy inventors dropping dead or vanishing into thin air, I remember the two hours I spent drinking that night at Fridays with my old boss. It is a scary world we live in and I am now absolutely convinced my old boss was right about her puppet theory.

P.S. You should also know that over 60% of the DoE's budget gets routed to military projects through clever wording in the budget. So not only do they deceive us, but they also deceive Congress every time they submit budget requests. And although I have no personal knowledge what other schemes the USPTO uses, I think you should read this http://www.theorionproject.org/en/suppressed.html"
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PostPosted: Sun May 20, 2012 8:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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