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New Internationalist (391 - July 06) - Co2nned

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 3:18 pm    Post subject: New Internationalist (391 - July 06) - Co2nned Reply with quote

I bought a copy of this at the weekend and felt the following:

1) Their primary concern appears to be about how indigenous people are being displaced by monoculture plantations. They make the point that those people tend to end up in a town where they're likely to consume more resource.

2) They argue that it allows people to continue to travel "guilt-free". I don't really buy this argument because most people don't give a toss anyway.

3) They argue that some companies are increasing their pollution levels because they're offsetting elsewhere. I have to wonder whether they'd have done it anyway.

4) They mention that grassland may absorb more CO2 than trees. Again I'm not sure if I believe this.

5) They mention a specific case for South Africa, where CFLs were being given to sub-economic areas. They argue that by not putting them into the whole market that they'd be seen as "the poor man's light bulb" (I can believe this to a degree) and that the electricity company ended up doing a similar scheme themselves anyway. I thought the arguments in this article were pretty weak; the only real issue is that of Climate Care not following-up on their schemes (i.e. dishing out a load of CFLs and then walking away).

6) They didn't really say where the wood goes; as if it's just left to rot and release GHGs. If the trees are used for energy, then they're displacing fossil fuels. If they're used for wood, then they're displacing logging.

7) The article lambasting Bill Gates left me feeling that the magazine is written by loony lefties who despise anyone who becomes rich.

In short, after reading the articles I feel as though tree planting and technology deployment is still worth doing. Just that more attention needs to be paid to the implementation and accountability of the players. Many of the anti-arguments feel weak and utopian. We don't live in a perfect world, as always its a case of the lesser of two evils.

(also discussed here )
Olduvai Theory (Updated) (Reviewed)
Easter Island - a warning from history : http://dieoff.org/page145.htm
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2006 2:54 am    Post subject: Re:Article internationalist Reply with quote

Well, I don't know what The Internationalist says about rottening wood in a forest. But a forest is a closed system as such, taking up as much carbon as it releases. Some forests are there since mankind crawls over this planet. So the carbon released by a trunk or leaves will travel a few yards before it's taken up again. In theory. Of course, if it's burned then the heat will propell it above the naturall vegetation zone. And without the natural humus after a fire the soil will be depleted and sooner or later it'll take more energy (CO2 emissions! ) to grow something there then would be absorbed within the cellulose of the artificial vegetation. A forest is a fragile system, as long as it can suport itself we should leave it alone. It has proofen it's sustainability. Interfering with a system that is there longer since mankind, that made this planet capeable to bear the brunt of civilisation by reducing the carbon content of the atmosphere by helping to store this carbon in deep storages, would be madness. Alas, we're used to these ideas of "chopping and planting something better". And these ideas sell well, in The Internationalist or where ever.
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