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Review of "The Transition Timeline" PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 23 March 2009

‘The Transition Timeline’ by Shaun Chamberlin is the latest addition to the library of books covering Peak Oil, and Climate Change, while also providing material for those with an interest in the rightly popular Transition Town movement.

There are a couple of areas of this book that I particularly appreciated, as they added something I haven’t seen covered elsewhere yet, while other sections provide rather standard material on Peak Oil / Climate Change. This is not to say that those areas are bad, but if you are looking for highly detailed examinations of Peak Oil and/or Climate Change, this is not the book for you (but nor is it the purpose of this book).

Part one, looking at four possible visions of what could happen in the UK in the years up to 2027, was a great way to start the book. All four scenarios (Denial, Hitting the Wall, The Impossible Dream and The Transition Vision) seemed likely – we will surely end up with a mixture. These are not heavy sections, but provide a lot to think about.

Part two really sells the Transition Vision, looking back from 2027, and would make anyone wonder why more isn’t being done right now for a great transition. It covers all the important areas such as energy, transport, food and healthcare.

Part three, by Rob Hopkins, looks at how Transition Initiatives can use this book to support their Energy Descent Planning process. It provides several useful exercises for the twelfth step of transition, but I would have preferred to have seen much more from this section of the book. That is not to say that people won’t find it valuable, but maybe later editions of this book will expand on this section.

Parts four and five cover familiar territory for those in the Peak Oil and Climate Change communities, covering the support for the stark reality of these situations.

Overall, I would agree with the quote from Paul Allen on the cover. This book does provide creative thinking tools, and a lot of forward thinking, which is where it successfully diverts from a lot of Peak Oil and Climate Change books. It encourages a vision of the future where a positive change can be made by each individual, rather than fill your with the dread that is natural when encountering the twin terrors of our climate and energy crises. I am sure it will be very popular with those involved in Transition Initiatives.

Click here to order 'The Transition Timeline'

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