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Monday, 04 April 2005
Since its inception in Autumn 2004, has gathered many from across the UK and we now have a core team of 25 members and 300 subscribed to the site.  We are completely open to discussion and contributions.

Our mission, at this stage, is to raise awareness and discussion of the imminent and permanent decline in global oil production and the consequences of this event.  We also provide a focal point for those in the UK concerned about this subject to unite and discuss, and if they wish, try to make a change.  In addition we try to look at ways in which individuals themselves can prepare.  'Peak Oil' can be a very challenging issue, for both mind and spirit, and PowerSwitch is here to provide the support that people need.

We gather information, discuss it, analyse it, and then use that information to continue raising awareness.  It is safe to say we have a thorough understanding of the issue.  Individually and collectively we have found the evidence supporting the argument for an imminent decline in global oil production to be far too strong to ignore, although we will be among the first to celebrate if we are wrong, although as each month passes, the chances of that being the case grows slimmer.

Through email and letter writing, through networking and discussing, we have encouraged - and continue to  do so - other action groups, charities, associations, organisations from sectors such as renewable energy, students, industry, environmental groups, anti-war groups and many more to become aware of the subject, and how it affects their cause.  There is little that oil depletion does not affect in our oil-dependent society.  We also direct our attention towards magazines, newspapers, MPs, MEPs and simply anyone who will listen.

Since Autumn 2004 we have managed to get the subject in the media, recognised by leading members of public bodies and accepted by other action groups.  Awareness has grown incredibly.  Even the PowerSwitch site, attracting just 25 people a week at first, now attracts, on average, 25 people an hour.

We also organise presentations on the subject as well as raise money for advertising and other events.

We come from a wide background of disciplines (some from within the oil industry, some from financial institutions, farmers, software developers, energy consultants, advertising and others), our specific interests in this wide topic vary and, as such, complement each other well.
We are not the scientists, geologists, economists, businesspeople or politicians at the core of this, with the direct power to make changes.
We are deeply concerned about the decline of global oil supply and we wish to inform those who have power to make the necessary changes.  We are also concerned about climate change and thus wish for solutions or mitigations to put climate change into the equation (e.g. no liquefied coal, please!)

We believe that ‘the people’ – the general public – have the power to make the changes, through individual choices such as how they spend their money and how they use their vote.  As such we seek to inform the public and for that reason we totally encourage a ‘grass-roots’, local approach, resulting in a ‘domino-effect’ of raising awareness.  Despite this topic being talked about in magazines and newspapers, it is not yet quite grasped by the majority that this is an urgent issue.

As you can see, our approach and desires are clear.  By making this an accepted issue, the necessary approaches for mitigating the consequences and implementing some level of solutions are made more likely.
It cannot be taken for granted that as soon as the oil crisis really bites that people will accept the permanent decline of oil production.  It will be easier for the public to believe the misleading stories about future increases in production or alternatives to oil.  However, as long as the evidence points towards a permanent decline in global oil production, we will argue from that corner.

We are situated throughout the UK with at least one member in each region.  Our members are always willing to talk with those concerned and we are often available to make presentations on the matter.

Although we form a hub and a centre point for this issue, we highly encourage and support individuals and other groups raising awareness of this subject.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue, please e-mail us by clicking here.

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